Tuesday, February 12, 2008

more about these files

if you're curious: i use streamripper to save the files, then i do some manual cleanup: streamripper loses the final seconds of the final track, so i replace those. some players choke on accented letters or changing sample rates, so i clean those up. i put in tags for track number and album, so tracks are played in order.


option12 said...

What are you using as the streamripper command line? and how much of your cleanup is manual?

Currently I am doing:
streamripper $URL

and I haven't found a set up that doesn't just rip continuously, re-ripping each track once the end of the playlist is completed. I also need to sit down and figure out a better way to fill in correct meta-data, but I haven't gotten to it yet....

jwz mixtape said...

hello, first comment!

it's mostly automated now.

my streamripper command line is
streamripper $URL -c -q 02 -w parse.txt

my parse.txt is

that fills in the metadata well.

Anonymous said...

just a hint: open the .m3u file into an editor and see for yourself...

After that you may want to play with the track listing to shape it as a .cue file (got a script with some regex that do that)

My 2 cents. Any way, thanks a lot for the good work, it saves me time!

jwz mixtape said...

yeah, streamripper likes .mp3 addresses not .m3u.

anonymous, that was a good idea. do you have all the track listings?

Anonymous said...

Without the -k 0 option I cannot seem to get a good .mp3 file for the first song (and sometimes last song) in every mixtape. Do you get them when using your -c -q 02 -w options?

jwz mixtape said...

streamripper called the first track incomplete though it was complete. the last track always cut off at the end.

i work with cue files instead now. it's simpler and it splits tracks more accurately.